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The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection takes luxury to a whole new level. This isn’t an ordinary cruise. In fact, it feels more like your own private yacht. Just as you’d expect from Ritz-Carlton, the service aboard the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is bar none, and the posh accommodations are exemplary. In addition, you get to enjoy incredible itineraries to some of the most jaw-dropping places on earth. Need we say more? 

Why Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection?

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Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection


The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection features custom-built yachts specifically designed to emulate the elegance and sophistication of a world-class hotel with the freedom and flexibility of a private yacht, providing guests with a truly unique and exceptional journey.

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection focuses on creating immersive and enriching destination experiences. Each itinerary is carefully curated to include unique and lesser-known ports of call, allowing travelers to explore fascinating destinations beyond the typical tourist spots. 

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection 101

Unlike large cruise ships, the Ritz-Carlton yachts have a smaller passenger capacity, accommodating around 298 guests. This smaller size allows for a more intimate atmosphere and personalized service, ensuring that every guest on board it treated to the 5-star service for which Ritz-Carlton is known.

A floating luxury hotel:
World class service:
Immersive itineraries: 

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection +TopFlight Travels

Through our relationship with Avenue Two Travel and Virtuoso, the team at TopFlight Travels® can elevate your next trip with The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection by granting access to exclusive perks, such as suite upgrades, complimentary and exclusive shore excursions and shipboard credits. On Virtuoso Voyages, you enjoy onboard hosts with scheduled cocktail parties and dinners. 

Once everything is confirmed, you are set to sail! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your time wherever you are headed.

4. Sail Away

You won’t need to sit on hold with the the cruise line. We will work directly with the cruise line to handle all payments using your credit card, requests and questions. TopFlight Travels does not charge a fee for luxury and expedition cruise bookings.

3. Management

Once you decide on a cruise from the options we provide, we work with you to pick the best stateroom at the best rate with amenities. We can also assist with your flights, recommend shore excursions and handle your pre-cruise and post-cruise logistics.   

2. Research and booking

After receiving your request form, we can suggest a cruise line and itinerary based on the information you provide.

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How To Book Your Luxury And Expedition Cruise

As luxury and expedition cruise specialists, we are experts at customizing and managing luxury world cruises. Our clients spend up to 180 nights at sea with all the details and logistics handled by TopFlight Travels. 


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